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 I have to say that is really a good website

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I have to say that is really a good website Empty
RašytiTemos pavadinimas: I have to say that is really a good website   I have to say that is really a good website Icon_minitimeTr. 08 03, 2011 6:36 am

Hello. I hope you guys find this as boring to read as it was to do it. LOLHere are the results of my rip file size comparison, used a type 5 DVD and did no picture quality comparisons.DVD Decrypter4,505,970,688SmartRipper4,505,970,688DVD Shrink no compression4,505,968,640DVD Shrink 100% compression4,505,968,640Both of the no compression rips and the one with100% compression file sizes were the same. I checked my settings and then ripped with Shrink then again using no compression ripped the movie again and the file size was still the same.4,505,968,640 wDVD Decrypter’s and SmartRipper’s files were exactly the same but DVD Shrink came in at 2048 Bytes smaller. Individual files that were different. ALL ARE IN KB.DVD Decrypter DVD Shrink183,298 VTS_01_0 183,2961,048,422 VTS_01_01 1,048,5741,048, 522 VTS_01_02 1,048,5741,048,498 VTS_01_03 1,048,5741,048,344 VTS_01_04 1,048,57420,282 KB VTS_01_05 19,762All other files were identical in number and size. I realize this probably doesn’t mean a thing.When I ripped with shrink I used custom size for the 100% compression. 14 Jul 2004 @ 10:36"Please Read!!! Post your questions only in This Thread or they will go unanswered:Help with development of BD RB: Donations at:
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I have to say that is really a good website
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